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Expanding New York City Arts Leadership Workshop, 2018 | Photo by Abigail Montes

Leading ChangeMakers employs a variety of learning modes during training that engages theory with action learning (using real-time organizational programs) and developmental relationships (peer learning, coaching, and mentorship).



We believe that you are the expert of your experience.


Leading ChangeMakers provides the tools and roadmaps to support your approach to changing systems, developing people, and shifting culture. You may know where you want to start, or have a project in process, or you may be interested in support before beginning.


We are available to support you.



We invite you to engage with us by learning about our perspectives on leadership development, equitable approaches to organizational culture, and systems change through writings by our team. Connect with us through our participation conferences and workshops, or by contracting us at speaking engagements.


Collaborate with us as we explore the existence and movement of power across arts sectors.


About Us/Our Story

Leading ChangeMakers is a consulting firm founded by Anthony Meyers in 2018 as a company that uses education and interventions to achieve racial equity in nonprofit arts leadership. Our consultants are comprised of arts administrators, leaders, facilitators, educators, coaches, and more from cultural organizations of all sizes and disciplines.

Aside from our work, what brings us together is our joy of discussing our Change Leadership styles and who leads from a space of head, heart, or hands. What sets us apart are our varying interests, passions, and mild obsessions. From our favorite foods, to our non-arts hobbies, to our vision for creating sustainable systems change within arts ecosystems, seriously, ask us about it.

Leading ChangeMakers is headquartered in New York City and our services expand across the U.S.

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