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Workshops & Learning Packages

Participants center their personal and professional experiences as the core source of learning in a peer-learning environment, facilitated by seasoned arts and organizational leaders and contractors. Facilitators will introduce theories and concepts that reflect organizational change and behavior, as well as critical race and feminist perspectives, and we prioritize a clear understanding of intersectionality and positionality.
Critical reflection takes place where experiences and reflection meet. Our goal is for learning to be brought back to the workplace and address immediate personal and professional needs. We believe learning can impact behavior when it’s internalized, practiced in real-time, and generalized to the lived experiences of the participant.

Please contact us for more information about how to include training and workshops in your consulting package.

Expanding New York City Arts Leadership Workshop, 2018 | Photo Credit: Abigail Montes

Recent Workshops include:


  • Instigating Change: Shifting Influence for Transformation in the Arts

  • Leadership & Management, Cultivating Capacities for Both: Leading for a Sustainable Future

Personal and Interpersonal Development:

  • Anti-bias trainings (across non-profit, government, and corporate settings)

  • Change intelligence (CQ) assessment and workshops

  • Communication development and intercultural workshops

  • The Psychology of Creativity: Mindfulness, Mastery & Flow

  • Understanding Complexity Theory: Leadership for Adaptive Change

Power in the Arts Ecosystem: 

  • Mapping Power in Nonprofit Arts Sectors as a Collective Liberation Strategy

  • Understanding Power in the Arts: Types of power and how they manifest in the arts and culture sector

  • Understanding Power in the Arts II: Utilizing Power in the Arts Ecosystem

Professional development workshops for arts administrators and educators:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Leadership and Vulnerability

  • Identity Politics: LGBTQ+ 101 for Allies and Community Members

  • Inclusive Teaching: Creating Equitable Teaching

Resourcing Arts Administrators of Color for Leadership Advancement: 

  • Expanding NYC Arts Leadership

  • Survive and Thrive: Navigating Cultural and Racial Inequities in Organizations

Learning Packages

Themed Learning Packages include:

Canva - Woman Sits on Floor Facing Gold

The Actualized Self

This workshop examines how one’s relationship with the oneself can impact the ways that self-care, goals, aspirations, and accountability manifest in one’s professional and personal lives. Participants will access techniques for uncovering personal blind spots while negotiating safe spaces to be vulnerable. Through group and individual exercises, and case studies, participants refine tools to access cultural, social and personal histories as the foundation for the articulation of an authentic leadership voice. Finally, participants will explore how the expression of one’s authentic leadership voice shapes one’s personal brand.


Understanding Power

In this workshop, participants will utilize self-reflection and peer exchange to investigate the ways that power manifests in personal and leadership expression. Multimedia material from reference sources will serve as a roadmap to understand how individual expressions of power are grounded in systemic power structures, as well as constructed social identity. Participants will have an opportunity to navigate through notions of permission, trust, and control, and assess the role of these exchanges on the expression of leadership across informal and structured relationships.

Seph Rodney, Hyperallergic,
Guest Speaker Expanding New York City Arts Leadership Workshop, 2018

The Self and Others

Participants explore the ways that they share professional and personal space with others. We will explore key concepts and engage in exercises that analyze the ways that individuals influence others. Participants will explore developmental relationships among peers, mentors, networks, and leadership. Communication tools, including active listening and facilitation, offer opportunities to cultivate enhanced skills with engaging in groups. Group exercises will investigate the ways that social identity impacts how we influence and are influenced. Source material will guide the workshop to define ethics and influence, and offer tools to identify the ways that oppressive practices manifest in interpersonal exchange.

Leading for a Sustainable Future Workshop, International Black Theater Summit, 2018

Photo Credit: Anthony D. Meyers

Photo Credit Michael Palma.jpg

Institutional Ecosystems

Participants in this workshop will engage in active learning, case studies, personal story sharing, and group skills-building to understand the relationship between the self and the institution in which one works. Participants will examine the ways that power, autonomy, and participation across and within hierarchies inform organizational culture. An analysis of personal and political interests within the workplace and informal groups uncover opportunities to identify bias and create inclusion in the process of managing work tasks and projects. We will explore leadership techniques, as individuals and collectives, and how to apply what is learned in this workshop in your organizations.

Workshop led by Team Member Jennifer Ifil-Ryan

Photo Credit: Michael Palma


Management and Radical Decision-Making

Participants explore the ways our knowledge of our work intersects with how we contribute to organizational mission and vision. Participants engage in discussions and exercises on the notions of vulnerability, collaboration, and the racial implications of offering and receiving assistance in the execution of work. Participants assess the balance among dependent, independent, and interdependent activities, and examine the conditions for transforming linear problem solving into continuous learning. We explore the ways that participants harness intellectual and emotional labor from a psychologically healthy place, and uncover opportunities for challenges that can result in professional and personal development.

Expanding New York City Arts Leadership Workshop, 2018

Creating Change

This workshop examines methods of creating change as an opportunity to influence groups of people and foster greater positive social impact. Case studies, memoirs, organizational change tools offer tools for interpreting challenging professional and personal environments. Group exercises foster innovative approaches to shifting relationships and flow of power within a system (workplace, industry, ecosystem). Activities will include an exploration of the concept of cultivating coalitions with individuals with similar interests, and building communities of practice. Peer exchanges will illuminate opportunities to create change within oppressive institutional structures, which may include one’s own workplace.

Kay Takeda, Joan Mitchell Foundation, Guest Speaker, Expanding New York City Arts Leadership Workshop, 2018

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